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No Puffinスコットランドの禁煙に伴い、2006年より当店も店内全面禁煙となりました。

(Along with Scottish smoking cessation, our shop was completely smoke-free in the store since 2006.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.)
2003年に現在の店舗に移転し、Wiskey Loverが集う、ゆったりとした時間の中で最高のアロマが香る環境でウィスキーを提供する店として営業しています。

(December 10, 2018 MAHOROBI celebrated its 40th anniversary.
In the store opened in 1978, there was a DJ booth about 20 m west of the current position and on the weekend it was a Pub about 1.5 times wider than folk singers and bands can perform.
Moved to the current store in 2003, Wiskey Lover gathers, it is open as a shop offering whiskey in an environment with the best aromatic aroma in a relaxed time.)
Teimei Horiuchi MAHOROBI In JAPAN

As a bird has his own perch to rest his wings, we are looking for "the perch of life".
When you long for the days gone by, you are always welcome to our place.
A glass of whisky let you go there.
Our cask of 1978, filled with lots of your precious feeling and times, mellows more and more.

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Mahorobi Map
Zip: 390-0811
Address: 1-13-1 1F Chuo Matsumoto City Nagano JAPAN
Phone: 0263-36-3799
Holiday: We are sorry !! Sunday, Monday, National holiday are mainly closing.
Open: at 19:30 and Close at 23:00 (for a while)

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