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Gallow Hill & Mulchaich

In the 1760's the Forbes built 3 distilleries on there site of Ferintosh which made a great advance. It seems to be the days of John the 6th to Arthor the 7th. Gallow Hill is a mile away to the South East from Ryefield and it is used as farmland and there lies a base of L shaped structure and 2 other square shaped buildings. Mulchaich is a mile away to the east from Ryefield and there stands a house of the couple of the sister of Duncan the 15th. You can find the base of 3 structures where you can imagine the size of the structures of those days. The other distillery was located in Mulchaich too and the place is now used as a farmland. There remains a base of a nig structure of those days.

The distillery of Ferintosh was so famous under it's brand with there great fame. Will there be any reason why they had to close there distilleries? Is Customs Duty, the annul of tax free privilege, the only reason? Robert Burns, the national poet who loved whisky from bottom of his heart, grieves the closedown of Ferintosh Distillery.

I'd like to give my thanks to Duncan who guides me to places where it's hard to go. He kindly welcomes me every time I visit this place. I'm proud to have a fabulous friend like him in Ferintosh. I took a seedling of a flower from Japan as a proof of our friendship, and I'm dreaming that some day it'll bloom a beautiful flower.


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