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Driving for about 35 miles to the North West from Peterhead, the town in the very East of Scotland, and you'll reach a town called Banff. The town stands by the Deveron River and it's the central part of Banff and they have nice and old streets. A first distillery was established by James McKilligan & Co in 1824 but soon it was closed. The precise place is unknown. After that James Simpson junior moved it to a village called Inver-boyndie and he built it by the railroad. They had a fire accident in 1877 and in 1941 part of there warehouse was burned by the bombs of the German bomber. In 1959 they had an accident while rebuilding there distillery and they had a fire accident few times after that too. The distillery was closed in 1983. After there close down they still had little fire accident and now the site is ruined and part of the wall still remains. The railroad had already been removed.

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