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Ardmore (Lagavulin2)

Ardmore distillery (alias Lagavulin2) was established in 1817 by Archibald Campbell in the site of Lagavulin distillery (established in 1816). After that in 1825 John Johnston, owner of Lagavulin disitillery, inherits the distillery. These two distilleries were called Lagavulin1 and Lagavulin2 in those days. In 1835, it was closed. John Johnston passed away in 1836. Donald Johnston consolidated these two distilleries in 1837 and this is the archetype of the Lagavulin distillery we see now. As a postscript, Peter Mackie built Malt Mill distillery in 1908 at the place where there used to be Ardmore distillery. Though this distillery was closed in 1960.

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