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Lossit distillery stands in Lossit Farm by A846, about a mile away to the east by from a village called Ballygrant. D McNicoll & Co built it in 1821 on the site where Walter Frederick Campbell owned. It was the longest running distillery among the Farmer distilleries, the distilleries operated in the 19th century on Islay. It was closed in 1860. The warehouse was used by Caol Ila of Bulloch Lade & Co. to keep their bottles till 1867. The old picture was taken in the 1950s; the small window in the top flour is attractive. This structure is still used as a house. In 2004, the flour, once used as malt barn, was taken out when they constructed electrical wiring. These smoky malt fragrant woods are neatly kept for us to resemble those days. I'd like to give my biggest thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Donald James MacPhee who gave us a fabulous valuable wood and guided us around in spite of my sudden visit.
I'd like to thank for the chance I had to meet Donald and Isabel. (May/2008)

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